FEVER – How to recover quickly???

Monsoon is  already  started  in different parts of India, expected in  another few  weeks  across the
country. As part of health, fever will be a major concern while on  the  monsoon season. The tedious exercise will be to recover the tiredness  after fever. This  will force  employees to take unnecessary sick leaves, then hectic work after resuming at office… and for students, the loss of school days will be a major issue. On  top of this, if a  normal fever is not cured fast, finally it will lead to other health issues.
So what we can do to recover fast from the fever and its tiredness?? It’s nothing other than the usage of rice mixed rice water food. To prepare this, just take required amount of hot rice, hot rice water used for boiling the rice, little salt and good amount of sugar for taste - make as a juice in a Mixie. And use the same food instead of breakfast, lunch and evening snacks and dinner for 2 days. You may ask, how it is possible to use this food repeatedly?? The response can be decided in simple way. Want to be on bed for long days or want to recover fast. This is a practically experienced tip. It’s a known fact to increase the consumption of fluids while suffering from fever. So it is very good, if we continuously drink rice boiled water.

Patient will get quick healthy relief in just half an hour consuming rice water mixed food. Believe me… the kids who could not able to sit on bed due to high fever, got up and were able to walk in just half an after consuming the rice water mixed food. And food intake will give very good results for the medicine prescribed by the doctor. For kids, whom are prone to vomit after any food intake, just give this again after the vomit.. Most of the kids, may not be ready to take food… It’s up to the parents, how to ensure to feed the kid.. by adding  more amount of sugar to the food… by giving more love and affection to your kid… etc…etc… So… wishing a healthy and speedy recovery, if trapped with fever!!!

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